The land on which Nortrhwood Circle is located was formerly owned by Callie Colston Green whose desire was to see a subdivision developed for blacks.  Her desire became a reality when she teamed with the Sulphur Investment Corporation and H & M Construction Company of Winter Park to make it happen.


Initially, the development was known as the Winter Park Oasis, but the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended that the name be changed to be more in keeping with the tone and character of Winter Park.  With all recommendations and conditions satisfied, the City Commission approved the plans on March 2, 1964 for the development of the Northwood Circle subdivision.


What makes this community unique and historical are the circumstances that brought about its development at that time.  Northwood Circle was the first and only subdivision in Winter Park that was conceived by blacks and developed for blacks; buying homes and living in other subdivisions in Winter Park at that time were not accessible to blacks.  We know that period in history has passed, but that does not negate the importance of maintaining the integrity of this community.  It was historical from conception to completion and should maintain that identity.  


Mrs. Green has passed away but her legacy lives on.